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LilaBare is a small team and network of skilled artisans & creatives from Kenya. Our in-house team work closely with our founder & creative director to design and create small runs of our latest creations.

 Our East African network of farmers, weavers, spinners, manufacturing units and skilled artisans, are our long term partners with whom we work with closely. Each of us overlap in our vision to create purposeful creations that have positive impact on our local community and environment.

Our founder & designer Ria Ana Sejpal grew up in Kenya. Having begun designing at the age of 13 by upcycling her clothes, she followed her passion for creating positive impact through clothing. 

" we don't inherit our land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children "

"These words, when spoken to me, are what made me decide to start Lilabare.

I hope you enjoy my creations.



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