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Everyone has their own definition of sustainability. Considering our local eco-system and community, we have refined ours into a few things that we believe create positive impact for generations to come.


Responsibly sourced & regenerative materials

All our designs feature only natural & compostable, or recycled materials.

Given that cotton is an incredibly thirsty plant, we use cotton that is rain-fed and does not use synthetic irrigation. This regenerative cotton is grown across East Africa by small stakeholder farmers.



Local. From farm to finish


We minimize our carbon footprint whilst contributing to a vibrant fashion ecosystem in our region. Kenya is abundant in natural resources, and our long term goal is to harness them in a way that honors the symbiosis we have with our planet.


We are proud to say that our Urithi : Heirloom Spring Summer 2022 Collection is made entirely from materials made on the African continent, and our signature cotton for the collection is grown in East Africa.


Making things that last for generations


We design and make clothing to last. We also believe that clothes should adapt to your size because your body always changes. Throughout each of our lives’ journeys, our clothes should support and uplift us, whilst providing practical functionality for everyday life.

When you buy your Lilabare piece, our intention is that you cherish, treasure and wear it for years to come. That you experiment with it, style it differently, and allow it to become a piece that you value in your closet for its versatility & longevity.

When you purchase any style from Lilabare, you get free repairs for life. Contact us here to get yours repaired.



Excellent working conditions for each member of our value chain


It is important that every individual who contributes to the making of our pieces is treated fairly and enjoys their working environment. We regularly visit our local manufacturing units and have established partnerships with each of them .We value the fair treatment of workers in their hours, lighting & ventilation, sanitation, run their businesses.


Our in house team has enjoyed doing residencies in green spaces & places in our home base Nairobi, Kenya.




Fair living wages


Our in-house team are people we value. We ensure each individual earns a good living wage. We also provide meals at work, green working space and living expense subsidies.


Recycling & upcycling


We value any and all clothing, from vintage,heritage, borrowed, even that which some think of as waste. We repurpose and upcycle in house, and make unique pieces from vintage sarees and embroidered or hand-dyed textiles. We value artisanal textiles and encourage preserving their craft by reviving traditional styles into everyday wear that you cherish forever.


We also revive the world’s waste jeans into patchwork denim jackets. Discover the Shona Denim Jacket here.


We believe in working in harmony with our planet, for the sustainability and happiness of all living entities.

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