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10% of our sales are being donated to COVID19 relief in Kenya

loungewear comfortable versatile artisans ecological fashion from kenya africa global shipping lilabare

+ 100% recycled materials

+ 6000 liters of water preserved per set






cloth face masks reusable washable designer protect masks lilabare kenya africa delivery online

+ Artisanal hand block print cotton

+ Supporting East African cotton farmers








handspun natural fibers recycled heritage fabric kimono comfy cute unique one size lilabare african fashion brand online kenya


"Made for the Mindful"

Created with blend of recycled & handcrafted materials, each design is inspired by the feeling of freedom & movement, and created to celebrate the heritage of each element that is carefully crafted within it. Every design can be worn throughout the day and year, regardless of season or occasion. So go ahead; play, run, eat & be free… Knowing you look as amazing as you feel comfortable!


10% of all sales are being donated to food relief for vulnerable people in Kenya

All our off-cut material from this range, and more, are being made into cloth masks for local communities

10% of our global sales are being donated a relief fund for vulnerable people who live on daily incomes