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Collection note

Kolam SS24 is a modern day reflection on the similarities in adornment between ancient East African & Indian cultures. Transcending through eras & continents, both regions adorn the body for the purpose of making oneself auspicious, attract good fortune and connect to one’s soul.

Tapping into the rich heritage of Kenyan craft, the Kolam collection is the result of artisanal innovation and deep respect for local craftsmanship. Alongside our artisan partners across the country, we present a new perspective on handweaving, block printing, crochet & Maasai beadwork. The functional embellishments are set on the canvas of local & rain-fed cotton, featuring the LilaBare signature textile… our unique weave dyed in botanicals & agricultural waste. It is as durable as it is buttery soft, ultra-breathable & drapes fluidly.

The Kolam collection utilizes modern technology to create 3D renders of our designs, bringing these ancient crafting techniques into today's world. Working within the digital space of fashion design has allowed us to minimize our in-house waste, which is always repurposed into small accessories & packaging. Producing our clothing with the world’s only carbon neutral garment manufacturer, Wildlife Works, the Kolam collection uses fashion design to take a holistic & timeless perspective on creating positive impact on our planet.