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The Making of... sustainable clothing



Using handcraft & waste, team Lilabare designs creative clothing for the mindful individual. We are inspired by the heritage from which our fabric is crafted, Lilabare brings traditions of the ancient worlds into today’s conversations of inclusivity, art, gender and body image through its designs. We design each piece for you to wear it throughout the day and year, regardless of season or occasion. The clothes are an ode to fluidity, creating pieces that endure the ups and downs of life. Style & timelessness last through generations; making designs that are inherently sustainable for the wearer as well as the makers. Made for those who appreciate the eccentricities of life, we bring you a modern nostalgic perspective by bringing you special pieces that adapt to your needs.

Creating clothing that inspires freedom & movement

and benefit all the makers who create each design with us.


This is Ben, our Master Tailor. He is responsible for turning designs & concepts into actual garments. When he first joined, he was "used to doing just a few designs, but now I know so much more which is exciting. I feel supported at Lilabare, and I know I am well taken care of here".

To us, knowing that our team is cared for and feel appreciated is necessary in order for us to celebrate our work every day.

You can also check out the Sustainability tab on each of our collections, which calculate the direct impact the clothes make on the environment.


We use the fashion & craft industry's excess which would otherwise go into landfill. So far, we have recycled over 600 lbs of textile and counting...that's 810,000 litres of water preserved!

this means they are handspun, handwoven or handdyed. A lot of our recycled textile is handcrafted as well...

The few materials we use that are not handcraft or recycled (or both!) are sourced from women owned & run artisanal units. Our goal is to be 100% natural & handcrafted fibres... we're 75% there and counting!

90% of the beads we use are repurposed from old padlocks, pipes & nickel-free scrap metal. Look out for yours on the ends of drawstrings, buttons and more!

our team of local tailors are trained in skills that they exhibit strength in to ensure they're developing their professional craft. Each member of our atelier earns well over the industry standard, gets free meals and snacks everyday, and has their transport to and from work.

that's right. Comfort is key to making clothing that you love and keep in your closet.

It is our vision to have a world filled with people that can eat, run, bloat, get pregnant, play and everything without feeling restricted. 'pig teeth' marks on your waist are cancelled.

Our home Kenya is abundant in flora & fauna, so we decided to test it out. We partnered with a women's refugee organization to educate them on the negative effects of regular dye, and how to dye with vegetables. Our first scaled dyeing project uses tea, coffee and spices to create amazing fabrics like the one above.

We are currently using all our cotton in-house excess to make cloth masks to fight the COVID19 virus. Shop here.