Kiota Kimono

$165.00 USD

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The most comfortable statement you'll ever wear. Made from handloom East African cotton.

The inspiration for this fabric is one that is a continuous source of inspiration to me... Traditional palm craft is abundant in Kenya and takes so many forms. This weaving pattern is reminiscent of the 'mkeka', a woven palm floor mat. I wanted to translate this into fabric because I love the pattern so much - mkekas even line the floors of our studio! Every time I step on a mkeka, I feel at home - it's a comforting, nesting feeling. 

Kiota, meaning 'nest' in Swahili, describes the feeling you get when wearing this cosy yet light layer. Like a warm hug and that reassurance that comes with it.



+ One size fits every body

+ Calf length hem (for average - tall height)

+ Boxy cocoon drape


The organic cotton is rain-fed, meaning that no wasteful or synthetic irrigation systems watered the cotton, it was grown with natural rain. Woven by hand in Kenya by some of our favourite local artisanal weavers, it takes several weeks to craft a small batch enough for only 5 kimonos at once.

Slow fashion pieces such as this one takes time, so it will always be in limited releases