Sleep Kit

$65.00 USD

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The perfect bundle of sleep enhancing accessories, treat yourself to the gift of rest & relaxation. The ritual of sleep is sometimes an underrated one...we find that these little bundles make for the perfect gift to someone you love (yourself included!.

Each Sleep Kit comes with:

Padded eye mask

Large scrunchie

Velvet headband

✥ 2 assorted natural crystals from Kenya, cleansed and left in their original state (currently available are Idocrase, Kyanite, Chevron Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate & Clear Quartz)

✥ Small dried sage & leleshwa bundle

Supercharged Golden milk powder, all natural & Kenyan grown by Provisions KE to help you drift off into deep & calm slumber


+ All fabric is 100% recycled from our clothing line. It is our in-house excess

+ All other items are originate from and blended in Kenya

+ All items are completely natural fibres & materials

+ All products are suitable for vegans