Preserving culture, heritage & the environment. 

Each Lilabare piece stems from our ethos to preserve handcraft whilst moving towards an era of fashion that is fully sustainable. Sourcing industry waste that is borne of ancient spinning & dyeing techniques, we bring each piece to life in Kenya alongside small scale artisans in our atelier in Nairobi.

Our mission is to clean up as much of the fashion industry’s excess so that our resources do not go to landfill or wasted. Head on over to our lookbooks to see the collection-specific statistics on how many handcrafted and waste resources were used for each collection.


LILA (n.) "a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play".

BARE (n.) "raw, natural, naked."

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“Separating ourselves from society's conventional idea of a "dream wardrobe"… Whilst we have always been told that the ideal is to have an endless closet; Lilabare is about creating a flexible wardrobe filled with timeless, functional & versatile pieces that you can wear through as many Vogue issues as they make. "

Ria Ana Sejpal,

Creative Director, Lilabare